Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The secret

I discovered the secret to a successful writing adventure.  If you'd like to send your dollars my way, I'll be glad to share the secret.

OK, I'll trust you to send them in.

Here's the answer:

WRITE!  Get your tail in a chair and write every day.  No excuses.  Writers write.  They don't read about writing or collect conference notes or go to writers' groups.  (OK, they do those things but that's not what brings success.)  The key is to write.

I'm competitive and I get motivated by challenges, such as the NovelTrack offered by ACFW last month.  Could I write 10,000 words in a month?  I could.  I could write even more!

So what motivates you?  Ditch the excuses and get those words on paper.

Are you still here reading?  Get out there and write!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathy! I see you've made some changes! I have had severe writer's block lately so I am not able to take heed to our directions at the present time.

    Many of us are slow with the blogging these days --doing many other important things!

    Take care!